Subject of the bachelor thesis, entitled Hinter dem Regenbogen sehen wir uns wieder, is the conception, layout and implementation of a publication which deals with pet cemeteries and the mourning process as an example for the adoration of pets.

Since it is not intended as an academic project for an explicit area of studies, a book should emerge that reaches a wider reading public. For that to happen admittedly a documenting but also an entertaining insight into the topic is conceived. 
The pet cemeteries and represented mourning process act as keynote, while the real issue, the adoration, humanization of pets is conveyed subliminally. Whereas a definite criticism or favorable opinion to the phenomenon should not be given / announced. Rather, the intention is to demonstrate this aspect and mode of behavior, above the superficial shape especially the emotional part in it, and to encourage discussing. 

Components of the book are photographs of various pet cemeteries in Germany, as well as poetic texts, essays and quotes that are used on both pet and human cemeteries as grave inscriptions and on virtual cemeteries for goodbye. Another subject configure content from the internet – as an equivalent to the adoration of pets after their death – which shows peoples love to their pets in life.