editorial, illustration


A travelling kiosk, ten video portraits – four women, five men, and a married couple talk about their experiences of living in two worlds: Switzerland and Turkey. They grew up, attended school, and now work in both countries. These experiences have shaped their lives, their daily routines, and their way of thinking.

Eleven biographical accounts provide a glimpse not only of their complex histories but also of the calm and creative manner in which they have managed the experience of migration.

When migrants reflect on their personal history, they clearly feel they belong to more than one culture. Curator Gaby Fierz has explored how new identities are created when people live their lives in transit, moving back and forth between two worlds. She focuses on the manifold cultural transfer processes that are uncovered in these autobiographical narratives. The video portraits reveal a new type of self-image that is becoming the norm for ever more people.

Beside a moving Kiosk touring in Turkey and Switzerland we designed a magazine with supplementary information about the portraits. As team member of Rawcut Design Studio I designed the magazine, flyers and created illustrations for social media and website.